I noticed the glint and flash of sunlight on metal. An icy coldness swept over me. The girdles around their waists were stuffed with weapons – jewelled daggers and adzes and bronze sickle swords – and slung across their backs were enormous bows and dark hide quivers bulging with arrows.
A murderous plot and a battle for succession sets brother against brother and drives two girls to war. Isikara, daughter of the Priest at the Temple of the Crocodile god, escapes with Tuthmosis to gather men to help him fight for his crown. Will they escape the fierce desert nomads? Who is the mysterious slave dancer, Anoukhet? And will the Nubian army help them?
Reviews:Hofmeyr’s sensuous, elegant prose brings the ancient world to life in glorious colour and convincing detail’  Nikki Gamble, The Booksellerpleasingly spooky… a novel that boys as well as girls will not be able to put down’  Adele Geras, the Guardianimaginative, atmospheric and entertaining’  The Irish Times

crocodile Eye of Moon Isikara 3


 Foreign Editions 


SPANISH – Grupo Santilana

GERMAN – Patmos/Sauerlander Verlag

FRENCH – Galimard

ITALIAN – Mondadori


USA – Aladdin Books



Published by Simon & Schuster, UK

Foreign Editions:


E of M Italian webItalian edition published by Mondadori.Eye of Moon French web large French edition published by Gallimard.

Eye of Moon German web large

German edition published by Sauerlander.

Eye of Moon CD web large

BBC Audio Books – read by India Fisher