OS-G-of-M-medium5198d9839e537.jpgA modern day pirate story set in Madagascar with high action…  clues found in notebooks, strange maps, a bizarre laboratory, a girl held captive and heavily-armed gangs controlled by men intent on squeezing the life out of the land. When Oliver accompanies his father to live in a tree-house in Madagascar to research the endangered Golden Mantella frogs, he finds there are more than frogs, lemurs, leeches and giant boas lurking deep in the forests.

The dark secrets of Madagascar go back to pirate days. A story that slowly unfolds into breathless drama as Oliver and his friend, Zinzi, try to rescue his father from a ruthless gang that ends in a narrow escape from a flooded river and a hair-raising helicopter ride.

This is the second book in the series FROG DIARIES and is the sequel to OLIVER STRANGE AND THE JOURNEY TO THE SWAMPS


ISBN: 9780624056850