OS-J-to-Sw-big-197x3005198d7e7c9329.jpgOliver’s father disappears while collecting frog data in the Okavango Swamps and Oliver travels from London to find him. Things go from bad to worse when he meets a girl who keeps a pet python and then lands up in the wild amongst crooks with a very sinister goal. He soon discovers maps and a Swiss Army knife are not enough when faced with crocodiles, hippos, lions and dynamite-brandishing crooks who are intent on collecting toxin from the most poisonous frog of them all… the Golden Dart frog found only in Colombia.

‘It’s not called Phyllobates terriblilis for nothing! It has enough toxins to kill ten to twenty people. Poison can last up to a year. Just a single grain on an envelope or stamp would kill anyone licking it.’

Told through the distinctive voice of Oliver Strange through his letters, notes and maps, we discover he’ll not only have to save his father – but perhaps the whole world.

‘A rip-roaring junior Indiana Jones. Plenty of genuine Africa around the fast-moving action adventure. Great fun!’

Jay Heale – BOOKCHAT


ISBN: 9780624054931

For a brief glimpse into Oliver’s world, click on the video below.