A lost of city of gold … anacondas more than 30 feet long … jaguars lurking in the dark … and a frog so poisonous, a single drop of its toxin will kill up to twenty people.

Oliver Strange travels with his friend Zinzi to the heart of the Colombian forest, to help his father search for this endangered but highly poisonous frog – Phyllobates terrribilis. They meet a mysterious boy called Fabio and come face to face with brutal guerrilla fighters. These are the forests of Colombia where drug traffickers grow their coca to turn into cocaine. The stakes are high!

Can Ollie help Fabio outwit them to protect a horde of ancient gold? And will he survive a swim through the tunnels of an underwater cave, to find Fabio after he disappears?

JAY HEALE of BOOKCHAT on Oliver Strange and the Journey to the Swamps;

‘A rip-roaring junior Indiana Jones. Plenty of genuine Africa around the fast-moving action adventure.’

THE BOOK CIRCLE on Oliver Strange and the Ghosts of Madagascar

‘It’s a wild loopy, unlikely, unrelenting adventure. Both Oliver Strange books are tremendous fun.

This is the third book in the series FROG DIARIES


ISBN: 9780624067696