newTHE MAGIC BOJABI TREE is a story straight from the heart of Africa. There are as many versions of it as there are storytellers and the magical tree has had many names. It’s a story for children who enjoy nonsense names and nonsense rhymes. The repetitive element helps the concept of story being a journey.

A group of wild animals in a drought-stricken land come across a beautiful tree laden with fruit. But a HUGE python is coiled around the tree and won’t budge until the animals tell him the name of the tree. To find the answer the animals have to undertake arduous and dangerous journeys to find a grumpy lion. Ultimately a small tortoise wins the day.


Bojabi Lion very AngryThe story has plenty of action and is laced with enough drama and humour to keep children between ages four and seven captivated. The rhythmic language will have them making up nonsense words and joining in the story telling while Piet Grobler’s illustrations bring their own magic to the story. Was there ever a lion so grumpy or a snake so wily?

Nominated for the  2014 Kate Greenaway Award


ISBN 978-1-84780-295-8


Brazil – Editora Biruta

France – Circonflexe

Germany – Freies Geistesleben

Japan – Mitsumura

Slovenia – Zala Publishing

South Korea – Yeoyoudang

South Africa – Human & Rousseau Publishers (Afrikaans & English)