zeraffa_giraffa_parisA giraffe walking through the streets of Paris in 1827 must have been a wondrous sight.  What was this strange horned, half horse, half camel creature with impossible long legs and a black tongue?

Zeraffa Giraffa is the story of a giraffe that is sent from Africa to the King of France as a gift. How will a giraffe with such a long neck and such long legs ever make this journey? Atir her keeper, has plans. She travels all the way down the Nile in a felucca to Alexandria and then across the sea to Marseilles. But how will Zeraffa get from Marseilles to Paris where the King is waiting? Atir has an idea. She will walk. But the journey is 200 miles long.




Zeraffa_giraffa_moonAlong the way, thousands line the road to see the strange creature. When they finally reach Paris, Atir remains at Zeraffa’s side and sleeps high up on a platform close to her face at La Rontonde in the Jardin Des Plantes.  At night a secret visitor joins them and listens as Atir whispers stories of a far off land.



“This is the kind of language that we should be whispering into the ears of our young children and encouraging our older children to form with their own mouths. It is beautiful and evocative and mysterious. It is the kind of language that can take you on an adventure.” RHINO READS  read full review



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ISBN 978-1-84780-344-3


Denmark – Forlaget Klematis

Sweden – Forlaget Hjulet

South Korea – Daekyo

South Africa (English & Afrikaans) – Protea