fishanim_fishnotesIt was a time when magic was real. When fire and music breathed life. When a cave wall was all that stood between a girl’s loss and finding her true power… enter the cave if you dare!
‘Out of the darkness a cheetah stared back at me. Eyes reflecting amber. High honeyed cheekbones ridged with black. Mouth open and panting. Lips curled back to reveal sharp white teeth. Everything else faded away. Rebecca, the boy and the cave – they had all gone. I was alone. Facing this wild animal. Fear beating behind my eyes.’

The discovery of a body in a mysterious cave leads a girl called Fish, and her friends, Jonah, Rebecca and Sweet on a strange, enticing journey. Driven to search for their own true identities, they discover not only the longing for change that a journey brings, but also the fear and uncertainty that is part of change. The story tells of not just a physical journey but an inward one‘Hofmeyr’s writing has a mesmeric quality which reminds me of the best of David Almond … A few plot details can’t begin to give the flavour of this strange, haunting and timeless book – a truly  original one-off.’  Linda Newbury notebook 

The school workshop touches on subjects as diverse as star myths, rock art and whale song, using artefacts, images and music and a glimpse into my notebooks.

Cave in Whale Rock
Cave in Whale Rock 2
Enter the Cave if you Dare

A lone oryx antelope.