447px-Tutankhamun_DH copy The two Eyes of Horus – Eye of the Moon and Eye of the Sun watch over the land of the Pharaohs red desert uraeus 1The rearing Cobra goddess is ready to spit poison at her enemies
mummiesThree mummies found damaged in a small chamber… can they be Queen Tiy, the boy prince Tuthmosis and the beautiful Nerfertiti? Why are their chests and jaws broken? nefertiti 10 copy Nefertiti becomes Queen of Egypt at 14 when she marries Tuthmosis’s younger brother.
lotus flower 1 copyThe story is told by Isikara, the daughter of the High Priest at the Temple of the Crocodile God, Sobek. KatepTuthmosis wears the leopard cloak of Royalty the High Priests are planning to murder him so they can choose his younger brother as King.
hair-3 Anouket is a slave dancer. Together she and Isikara help Tuthmosis escape. Fiery and spirited, they dress as boys and become bowsmen in the Nubian army to help Tuthmosis fight to get his throne back. 11priestswindow The mysterious powers of the HIgh Priests and the gods rule
nileSet alongside the Nile, where the mountains are riddled with tombs… crocodile close-up copyand the waters are ruled by the Crocodile god, Sobek.