268585THE STONE begins with a tower encrusted with turquoise tiles in the ancient town of Saveh and ends with a mysterious gift given to three stargazers. On the journey home they discover the mystery of what the box contains.

A wonderful extract in Marco Polo’s diary gave me fresh insight into the familiar story of the Wise Men.

He sailed out of the lagoons of Venice on a journey that took him across the Mediterranean, through Persia, over the Salt Desert and across the highest mountains to the Kubla Khan, ruler of the Mongol Empire.  Along the way, he passed through the Persian town of Saveh where he found three ornate tombs – said to be the burial places of Belthasar, Melchior and Jasper.

amazon.co.ukPublished by: Frances Lincoln Limited, London, UK Farrar Straus & Giroux, New York, USAIllustrated by Jude Daly



Reviews :

‘What distinguishes this book is the outstanding complementary nature of text and illustration. Polished prose carries readers to a world rich with mystery and meaning, while precisely drawn, brilliantly coloured illustrations tweak the style of Persian miniatures.  A magic carpet of an offering.’ Books for Keeps


‘…such language helps evoke the mystery and power of the long journey… the words lend themselves to being read aloud in cadences that are more like music.’ The New York Times

Both text and pictures glow with mystical allure.’ The Sunday Telegraph

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