MDSM bearA typical day in the life of a single dad, who wakes like a great big bear and then turns into a whirly, twirly octopus as he tries to brush his little girl’s hair, make breakfast, pack a school lunch, tie her shoelaces and send a text. Then he chitter, chatters and monkeys about and makes her very, VERY late for school.

Turn the pages to find out all dad’s playful mishaps and guess the animal he will become until by the end of the day, he is a ‘gallumping, bellowing’ monster chasing her through the house, getting everything tidied and ready for bedtime.
jumping kangarooWhat more fun could a little girl have than living with a father who turns every day into a chaotic adventure? At the end of the day he is not even a silly monkey, he is just her lovely daddy. Illustrated with great energy and humour by Carol Thompson whose work springs freshly off the page.




Daddy is a Silly Monkey2017 Nominated for the KATE GREENAWAY AWARD


ISBN: 978-1-91095-913-8 (hardback)

ISBN: 978-1-91095-992-3 (paperback)


Danish – Flachs

Dutch – Vries-Brouwers

Spanish – Picarona

South African (English & Afrikaans) – Tafelberg


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