Elm Park Nursery School, Clapham, London

From the first moment a child picks up a crayon,  they are telling a story. This is me… they add fingers, a mouth, hair and eventually a baseline, a house, a tree. This is me.. see I’m in this world.  I belong.

Story is our bond. It’s how we reach out and draw people in and show we are all part of the human experience.

I have extensive experience both in the UK and abroad of creating interactive workshops for young children, older children and students studying graphic art, or doing an MA in Creative writing. I’ve also worked with CLPE (Centre of Learning in Primary Education) on their Power of Reading Program for teachers. I’ve held workshops in The Petrie Museum for children with special needs and have been involved with the Pop-Up Projects in schools and have done projects in Africa.

I can tailor my visit to make sure everyone gets the most out of the day. I offer both creative writing sessions as well as interactive workshops that include a creative activity to suit the particular book:

The Magic Bojabi Tree – a huge python collage.

Zeraffa Giraffa – giraffe masks,

The Glassmaker’s Daughter – Venetian masks & mirrors or glass palace pop-ups,

Tiger Walk – tiger paintings or pop-ups of ‘The Tiger in a Jungle’.

Please feel free to contact me for more information and to discuss details and cost.