by: Frances Lincoln Limited, London, UK Farrar Straus & Giroux, New York, USA.Illustrated by Jude DalyTHE STAR-BEARER begins with the opening of a lotus flower. Atum emerges and casts the first light into the world and creates the gods of wind, rain, earth and sky.  The goddess, Nut, is lifted upwards to make more space for his creation.  Then he sprinkles her dress with stars so that she is forever visible to her first love – Geb.

On a quiet morning, deep inside the limestone cliffs in the Valley of the Kings, I came across the Sky Goddess, Nut, for the first time.  She was arched across the star-strewn vault of the tomb of Ramses IV in brilliant shades of turquoise, dark lapis lazuli and pale ochre, as beautiful and enchanting as she must have been the day she was painted, thousands of years before. Hopefully the reader will be as enchanted as I was by Nut – Goddess of the Sky.Reviews:This picture book for older readers captures the magic and mystery of an early Egyptian creation myth in both its evocative language and innovative art.’ The New York Times – a Starred review

‘Hofmeyr and Daly offer a lovely pourquoi for the universe.’ Kirkus Reviews


Foreign Editions:

Catalan – EL PORTADOR D’ESTELS – published by Intermon.

Spanish – EL PORTADOR DE ESTRELLAS – published by Intermon.

Dutch – STERRENDRAGER – Uitgeverij Christofoor, Zeist. 

Swedish – NäR ATON SKILDE HIMMEL OCH JORD – Förgalet Hjulet 


Swedish SB web large
Swedish edition published by Forgalet Hjulet
Starbearer paperback web large
New UK imprint published by Frances Lincoln

Atum emerging from the lotus Virginia Primary Year 3Collage of Atum rising from the Lotus flower done by Year 3 Virginia Primary, Bethnal Green